Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast food chain. This app is designed and offer by this brand to serve you best. Through this app anyone can easily order anything they want and within some minutes you can enjoy the delicious and divine food at your door step. This brand is popular for it’s amazing coffee and tasty doughnuts.
It is one of the best and quick food service providers. This amazing food restaurant was established in 1964 by hockey players Tim Horton and Jim Charade. In initial stage, this brand emphasis more on providing doughnuts but further on they worked hard on their menu and add on many other dishes to make their customers happy and satisfied with delicious and mouthwatering taste. Now there are many outlets of Tim Hortons operated in many countries of the world like Canada, china, Thailand, Spain, Qatar, Dubai, UK, Oman, Kuwait and etc.
Their unique and delicious menu includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, doughnuts, and baked items. Their hardworking and experienced team chef’s effort day and night to give to same authentic taste that can amuse your taste buds.
In drinks you can enjoy hot chocolate, tea and coffee which can warm up the winter nights and evenings of Canada. With the drink the hygienic and healthy baked items make the perfect combo. In the bakery items there are rolls, doughnuts holes, doughnuts, cookies, tea biscuits, croissants, bagels and Danishes.
Anyone can enjoy the Tim Horton at their stunning outlets but if you want to enjoy Tim Horton at your home, office or anywhere so with this amazing app, you can easily and conveniently order whenever and whatever you want from this restaurant. The updated version of this app is really a love. This app is very easy and fast so no one will face difficulty to operate it and order the food. The order and pay system is very easy and fast through this app. The order method is very simple first select your menu from your phone and select the location where you want your food to be deliver, you can also add some of the customize requirement for food and within few minutes you will get the food as you want.
They are also offering many offers and discounts for the customers. After 7 purchases you will receive a complementary gift which will be a mug of coffee, tea or any baked stuff.
It’s a free download app through which you can enjoy the food and drink at anywhere and the payment method is not very complicated so the order and payment method is hassle free through this app. If you love to enjoy the baked items order from this app and you can enjoy the tea, coffee and baked items in the morning breakfast, in evening tea, office or anywhere. Really this is an outstanding creation which can make life easy and comfortable. Due to the blessings of technology with a single touch and spending some seconds you can order the things you want to eat. So download the app. And enjoy the delicious food with your friends and family. Stay happy.