Press Releases are used to reach individuals, companies and the public. A good Press Release Distribution service can allow your business to access journalists and websites. Which you could not have been able to reach on your own. Our Press Release Distribution services also offer the best combination of distribution to traditional and online media at a reasonable price. Our Press Release Distribution service sends and tracks press releases emailed to journalists at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, websites and wire stations globally. We will also make your businesses’ releases reach business desks and reach journalists in all the targeted areas, giving you maximum exposure and coverage. At Global Niche Tech our Press Release Distribution service will also bring you value and SEO benefits.

Achieve Your Business Targets with Global Niche Tech’s Award Winning Press Release Distribution Service

 Our Press Release Distribution service will also distribute your release on all the major wire services of the world. So that it reaches traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news desks. As well as trade publications and news agencies. Our Press Release Distribution service also use networks like the Associated Press feed network, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters, all major search engines. Press Release Distribution service of Global Niche Tech will make sure that your release reaches decision makers and market movers. You can target your releases by geography, industry, or specialty market based on the nature of the release. Our PR distribution service will send your release directly to journalists who are likely to write about them.


You can email us your press release with images and embedded videos and our PR distribution service will review your copy for clarity and errors. We also check for corrupt formatting missing images have broken links to make sure recipients and search engines receive a faultless message. And then our Press Release Distribution agency ensures the release reaches the recipients’ inbox, avoiding spam filters. Our PR distribution service will distribute your message according to your directions at the desired timing.

Press Release Distribution Tracking Reports

After the press releases are sent. Our Press Release Distribution service tracks each recipient. So that we can report who opened them, where your release appeared, how much activity it received, how many times they were read and for how long and who forwarded them and what search engine keywords were used to locate your story and the number of credentialed journalists and bloggers that read it. Our Press Release Distribution service also sends you tracking reports on your press release, which gives details of the recipients who received and opened your release, those who opened the release and looked at it for more than a certain time, where there are multiple openings of your release. This furthermore provides valuable information for planning future press releases.