Website Maintenance

A website acts as a window for the world into your business and is the first impression they get of your products and services. A well maintained website is, hence, essential for any business. For a site to be successful, regular website maintenance is a must. All businesses need regular maintenance to draw in and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information on products and services to the public. With regular maintenance, a site will run smoothly and there will be fewer customers with complaints of unopened links or out of date information. The content of the website should be regularly updated and the customer contact points checked to be in good working order. The contact forms should work, the address and phone number listings be updated and the product and services and price lists must be correct.With proper maintenance one can also avoid one’s web site being hacked.

Search engine rankings are also affected by website maintenance. Websites with old content are ranked lower in search engines listings. Failure to make frequent modifications could lead to a website being pushed lower in the rankings. A website reflects a company’s image. A website that is badly maintained with lots of errors, dead pages and outdated information gives a bad image of the company, which can result in declining business. One should regularly check that one’s website is updated and devoid of broken links, poor spellings and grammar.Website maintenance activities should include quality control, feedback monitoring, performance monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, routine maintenance, and risk control. One should regularly back up one’s website and have a business continuity plan in place to manage risk and make sure the hosting service provider has a backup and maintenance plan.

One should monitor website outages and test the website speed regularly, especially if you’ve added new features. Testing the download speed of a website is important as no customer wants to spend time waiting for a website that is slow to download. Softwares also need to be updated and statistics analyzed to improve performance. Web server statistics should be analyzed to determine web traffic, the pages entered, left on, time spent on site etc. One can also analyze search engine results and monitor one’s company’s name, brand, website name, and content on the web. That way one can know who is talking about you.

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