E Commerce

With the rapid growth of the internet and mobiles, ecommerce is the next big thing to hit the world of consumers and shopping. Any form of business transaction that takes place online is called ecommerce. E commerce is short for electronic commerce and includes the act of buying or selling online. Instead of going to the shops consumers browse for products through webpages that display products as the online equivalents of retail outlets. With a few clicks of the mouse, one can select the products one wants. One of the main benefits of e commerce is that it saves time and eliminates the limitations of geographical distance. One can, from the comfort of one’s home or office, shop for items from all over the world just by clicking on the mouse.

If you live in a village or in the rural areas, you can get access to the latest urban brands and styles. And if you are in another country, you can remain updated with the local fashion scene by shopping online. With a plethora of brands displaying their latest brands and products online, it is so easy to remain cognizant of the latest trends without the hassle of going to the mall or market, with the hours spent in the commute and traffic. It is so convenient for those who have transport problems, or don’t want to brave the traffic and crowds to shop online and have their items delivered at home. Also it saves time for instead of going to different stores, one can from one seat, access the web pages of different stores within minutes, easily comparing what is available, in one store to another, going back and forth from one page to another. Something which would be difficult to do physically.

Buying online also reduces security concerns, if one doesn’t want to venture alone to the shops, or carry cash or cards to make a purchase. The item is delivered at home and the payment is done through the net. As a webpage serves as the display for your store, through which your customers view your products, it must be attractive and the write up on the product must be effective, giving sufficient information as customers are physically unable to inspect your wares. Customer Care and response should be quick and efficient to respond to clients. E commerce can also be business to business, where both the transacting parties are businesses, e.g., manufacturers, traders, retailers. Or Consumer to Consumer (C2C) which includes auction sites. Besides online shopping e commerce can also be used for facilitating business and for internet banking, online ticketing.

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