What is a Mobile Friendly website?

It is said that there are officially more mobiles than people in the world, with more people turning to their mobiles for their online experiences. Mobile use has grown in the past five years by more than 400% with more than 67% saying they are more likely to purchase through the mobiles with about just as many turning away from sites that gave a negative mobile experience. So for businesses it is has become necessary to have a business website that is Mobile friendly .A mobile friendly website is one that is designed to be displayed correctly on hand held devises as smart phones or tablets. A website that looks good and functions well on all kinds of mobile phones. For that one has to ensure what it is the viewer sees when he accesses the website through a mobile phone.

The website must hence be mobile responsive which means that the website design must respond to the devise and size of the screen it is being displayed on. It must be easy to read, as mobile screens are a fifth of the size of desk top computer. Paragraphs and Headings should be short. Long blocks of text should be broken up by headers and content should be kept on one page instead of multiple pages. The site should be work well for touch .It must be easy to navigate as there is limited space for menus on mobile screens. There must be minimal vertical and horizontal scrolling. And there must be limited use of Flash as Apple products do not support the use of Flash. Also, it must load fast since web sites that take time to load, cost more money. Google has also modified its algorithm to favour mobile friendly sites. Sites which featured well previously in search were left behind in the SERP( Search Engine Results Page) because their sites were not mobile friendly. Google rewards mobile friendly sites with higher rankings so one should optimize ones business website.

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